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The infamous Pink Runtz strain gets its name from the sweet, confection-like scent and tastes, and its vibrant colorful appearance. Its scent is similar to sugary candies because of its delicious terpene profile that’s flavorful, zesty, and sweet.

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Pink Runtz 

Introducing our premium Pink Runtz feminized seeds, an exquisite strain celebrated for its unique flavor profile, potent effects, and the assurance of feminized genetics. These seeds are perfect for growers seeking a top-quality cannabis experience with the added convenience and reliability of feminized seeds. Here’s a detailed description of our Pink Runtz feminized premium seeds:

Genetics: Pink Runtz is a result of careful breeding, combining the genetics of the highly acclaimed Gelato strain with the flavorful Zkittlez strain. This exceptional hybridization brings forth the best of both parent strains, resulting in a remarkable and sought-after cultivar. The feminized genetics ensure that the plants will predominantly produce female plants, eliminating the need for growers to identify and remove male plants.

Flavor and Aroma: Get ready for a burst of unique flavors with Pink Runtz. This strain entices the senses with its sweet and fruity taste, characterized by a blend of tropical and candy-like flavors. You can expect delightful notes of berries, citrus, and a touch of sweetness. The aroma is equally captivating, filling the air with a pleasant and enticing fragrance that complements the flavor experience.

Growth Characteristics: Pink Runtz feminized seeds are known for their vigorous growth and stable genetics. These plants typically develop a medium-sized structure with dense buds covered in a thick layer of resinous trichomes. They are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, responding favorably to various growing techniques. The feminized nature of the seeds ensures a higher percentage of female plants, maximizing the potential for a bountiful and potent harvest.

Effects: Pink Runtz delivers a potent and well-balanced high that combines both cerebral and physical effects. Users often experience a euphoric and uplifting head high, inducing a sense of happiness, creativity, and relaxation. The effects are known to be long-lasting, allowing for a sustained and enjoyable experience.

Medical Benefits: The strain’s potent effects may have potential therapeutic benefits. Pink Runtz’s mood-enhancing and stress-relieving properties may assist in managing anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Additionally, its potential analgesic properties may provide relief from mild to moderate pain and muscle tension.

With our premium Pink Runtz feminized seeds, you can expect a rewarding growing experience and a harvest of top-quality buds that embody the essence of this highly sought-after strain. Enjoy the unique flavors, potent effects, and the reliability of feminized genetics. Elevate your cannabis cultivation with Pink Runtz feminized seeds and immerse yourself in a truly exceptional and enjoyable experience.

Please note that the cultivation and use of cannabis may be subject to legal restrictions in your jurisdiction. Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations applicable to your area before growing or consuming cannabis.

GeneticsIndica Dominant
ParentsGelato x Zkittlez
Flowering Time8-10weeks
Yield (Indoor)400-450 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor)500 gr/plant+
Height (Indoor)Medium
Height (Outdoor)Medium
Available asFeminized seeds
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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Medium 8-10 weeks


Hybrid, Indica Dominant

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1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds


25-30%, 30%+

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