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Love Cannabis’ Apple Fritter will boost your mood, relax your body, and kick-start your mind. Oh, and did we mention that it smells of warm, homemade apple pastries? If you’re looking for a potent, high-yielding strain with solid US genetics, make some room in your grow for Apple Fritter.


Apple Fritter 

Apple Fritter Strain – Introducing our premium Apple Fritter seeds, a delectable strain that combines exceptional genetics with a delightful flavor profile for an unforgettable cannabis experience. Here’s a detailed description of our Apple Fritter feminized seeds:

apple fritter feminized seeds

apple fritter feminized seeds

Genetics: Apple Fritter feminized is a high-THC cross between two US heavyweights: Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. Both are hybrids boasting exceptional potency, exotic aromas, and fast flowering times. Combining the best traits of both parents, our breeders have created a powerhouse indica-dominant strain that delivers delicious buds with massive THC levels—and lots of them.

Flavor and Aroma: Apple Fritter lives up to its name with a flavor and aroma profile that’s both enticing and mouthwatering. It boasts a sweet and fruity taste, reminiscent of baked apples with hints of cinnamon and spice. The aroma fills the air with a tantalizing blend of fruity and dessert-like scents.

Once dried and cured, Apple Fritter’s aromas and flavours definitely live up to its enticing name, combining sweet, pastry-like notes with notable hints of sour, lightly acidic green apples laced with earthy undertones. When inhaled, Apple Fritter makes for an exceptionally fresh, sweet, and smooth smoke.

Growth Characteristics: In the grow room, Apple Fritter’s indica dominance definitely shines through. These plants grow vigorously but stay short and stocky—ideal for growers working with small grow rooms or tents. To maximise Apple Fritter seeds potential, we recommend growing in bigger pots to achieve larger plants (space permitting, of course) and using a combination of LST, defoliation, pruning, and super cropping to open up the thick canopy and optimise light penetration.

Ease of Cultivation: Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or a beginner, Apple Fritter feminized seeds offer a rewarding cultivation experience. The plants exhibit robust growth patterns and respond well to standard care practices, making them suitable for growers of all skill levels.

If you’re an advanced grower, consider lollipopping and main-lining; given Apple Fritter feminized seeds vigorous growth and robust nature, it responds well to high-stress techniques, and can pay off with extra-heavy harvests. In optimal conditions, Apple Fritter seeds can produce up to 450g/m² indoors after a flowering period of around 60–65 days. Outside, up to 450–500g/plant is possible. Feel free to keep temperatures slightly cooler to accommodate this strain’s preference for a mild climate, and keep an eye on RH to avoid moisture getting trapped in its dense canopy and buds.

Effects: The Apple Fritter strain is known for delivering a balanced and relaxing high. Users often experience a gentle uplift in mood, followed by a sense of deep relaxation and tranquility. This combination of effects makes Apple Fritter ideal for both unwinding after a long day and indulging in leisurely moments.

The effects of the Apple Fritter strain are true to those of a well-balanced hybrid. Expect an almost immediate rush to the head that’ll leave you uplifted, energetic, and elated. Meanwhile, as the mental high shifts and becomes more clear, positive, and focused, you’ll likely notice a subtle, relaxing physical buzz. With this in mind, Apple Fritter is a great smoke to share with friends, or to include in your wake and bake regimen. Just remember to watch your dosing; with 25%+ THC, Apple Fritter can easily overwhelm even experienced smokers.

Medical Benefits: The strain’s effects may offer potential therapeutic benefits. Apple Fritter’s calming properties may assist in managing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and mild depression. Its potential analgesic effects may also provide relief from minor aches and discomfort.

With our premium Apple Fritter seeds, you can cultivate a strain that not only offers exceptional flavors but also embodies a harmonious blend of effects. Elevate your cultivation journey and immerse yourself in the enticing world of Apple Fritter strains unique attributes.

Please note that the cultivation and use of cannabis may be subject to legal restrictions in your jurisdiction. Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations applicable to your area before growing or consuming cannabis.


ParentsSour Apple X Animal Cookies
Flowering Time9-10 weeks
Yield (Indoor)400-450 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor)450-500 gr/plant
Height (Indoor)Short
Height (Outdoor)Medium
Available asFeminized seeds
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

Additional information


Medium 8-10 weeks


Indica Dominant

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds


25-30%, 30%+

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